Clients' feedback:

"I am impressed. I made the same ticket request to several agencies. Irene found tickets for me in 2 hours. All others failed miserably."

- Alexander S.

"John and I loved working with our travel agent, Irene in planning all the details of our trip. We normally plan all of our own trip details so we were really impressed with how much value using a travel agent can be in regards to saving money and learning about different accommodations. Irene also helped coordinate a lovely anniversary dinner in where the dining staff sang and provided us with extra desserts- what a way to celebrate! We definitely recommend booking with this travel agency as it was stress-free, easy, and totally worth it."

- John and Victoria

"Irene is quite adept at understanding the needs of her clients and making sure that they have everything they need for a painless travel experience. She was able to find tickets for me within the hour, and was very helpful when I needed to change my flight reservations. I WILL be using her agency again."

- Oleg B.

"Thank you Irene for a great deal that you were able to plan for me to Dominican. Wish you all the best"

- Natalya

"Cпасибо Ира за отличний пакет который вы смогли cделать для меня в Доминикан. Желаю всего наилучшего"

- Наталья

"We were planning a honeymoon in Greece and decided to go with Irene. She is so easy to work with and replies to emails very quickly. She did a great job coordinating our multiple hotel stays and cruises.

- Sue & George