Top 10 reasons to have travel insurance

1. Lost luggage
    -Whether the bag is lost or delayed, you can be reimbursed for the purchase of clothing and personal articles so you can enjoy your vacation.

2. Traveler taken ill or was in an accident before the trip
    - trip cancellation/ interruption coverage
    - waiver of pre-existing medical conditions
    - cancellation for an unforeseen sickness
    - reimbursement for any non-refundable expenses relating to your trip.

3. Missed connection because of flight delay
    -The travel delay offers coverage for accommodations and meals.

4. A terrorist act
    - A terrorist incident occurs in the city where you're planning to visit and you want to cancel the trip.
    - no one wants this one to happen, but nowadays this is, unfortunately, a necessity

5. Stolen wallet with creditc cards and passport
    - Emergency assistance services
    - reporting of lost documents and
    - arrangements for an emergency cash transfer and a replacement passport

6. You have Medicare coverage and you're traveling abroad. Medicare won't cover you if you're traveling outside the United States, including close trips to Canada or Mexico. Unfortunately, many people with Medicare take trips without travel medical insurance and it can cost big bucks

7. A delay by your carrier has you stuck in a city where you didn't plan to stay overnight. Avoid getting stuck with this hotel cost.

8. The airline, tour operator or cruise line you've booked a trip with goes bankrupt, and stops providing service. You need your non-refundable expenses covered and to get to your destination.

9. You're involved in an accident and adequate medical treatment is not available. You need medical evacuation.

10. A hurricane forces you to evacuate your resort, hotel or cruise.

10.01. Any reason.
    - If you buy a trip cancellation plan, you will also get a peace of mind
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